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Routine Electronic Appeal for CHurch and INdividual Giving

Our REACHING program is an electronic tithing and giving program designed specifically for churches. This program enables individual churches and governing church bodies to provide its members with a direct debit payment option for tithes, offerings, donations and gifts.

Church members may have a recurring, pre-determined dollar amount debited from their checking or savings account on a weekly or monthly basis.

This program provides churches with:

  • Increased revenues
  • Predictable cash flow
  • Continued cash flow uninterrupted by vacations and dual residencies
  • Decreased security issues
  • Increased bankability
  • Less dependency on staff and volunteers

Benefits for church members include:

  • No check writing or cash transaction
  • Continued giving when not in church
  • Assurance tithing has occurred
  • Debits that are clearly identified on bank statement

Our program includes developing and maintaining a database along with full monthly reporting and custom designed authorization/sign-up forms.

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