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- John Foster Dulles

Our Payment Processing Services consist of three components: Collections, Processing and Reporting. Each component is fully customized to meet individual client requirements.


inSource will assist the client in determining the best collection method for incoming payments. For manual processing inSource will establish a client post office box at a main post office. Once the post office box is opened the P.O. address becomes the clientís new remittance address for payments.

Everyday our couriers go to the post office to collect the mail and bring it to our facility for processing. All mail taken from the clientís post office box is processed and deposited to the clientís bank account for same day credit.

inSource also collects payments electronically via direct debit using ACH (Automated Clearing House).  ACH services include building and maintaining a client database.  inSource can accommodate recurring payments with changing dollar amounts and one-time payments.


inSource provides both manual and automated payment processing services. Manual processing serves clients who do not use a scannable remittance document. inSource can assist in document re-design for clients who want to take advantage of automated processing to further reduce costs.

Clients using scannable remittance documents and payment coupons enable automated data capture of information required to update payment records.

Each clientís payment processing is conducted per written procedures, which are reviewed and authorized by the client prior to starting the service. inSource runs an in-balance, dual-verification processing system.

Processing procedures are customized to meet each clientís requirements. Standard processing procedures include processing for all the following categories:

  • One payment document with one check
  • Multiple payment documents with one check
  • One payment document with multiple checks
  • Multiple payment documents with multiple checks

Correspondence and other mailed items will be handled or processed per client requirements.

inSource will also process the following per client requirements:

  • Overpayments and underpayments
  • Late payments (with or without a grace period)
  • Installment payments
  • Payments without a payment document (check only)
  • Payments with penalties


Detailed deposit and remittance reports, summary deposit reports, and electronic files containing required data are delivered to clients in the required format.  This information can be delivered  electronically and/or via U.S. mail. Document imaging is also available and delivered electronically or via CDRom.

inSource delivers electronic data using secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP). To maintain a quality reporting and delivering process, extensive testing is performed under various conditions to minimize unforeseen risk and insure data integrity.