We specialize in customized payment processing.  inSource provides businesses and organizations the ability to outsource the collection and processing of accounts receivables and other incoming payments.  Commonly known as "lockbox" our services provide clients with a cash management tool that assures all incoming payments will be processed fast and accurately, saving time and money.

Lockbox payment processing is not new in the business world.  The first lockbox was established in 1947 when corporate giant RCA was financing many of its distributors' inventories.  Delays in receiving, processing, and depositing distributor payments began to adversely impact the company's cash flow.  RCA arranged to have distributors mail payments to the bank, where the checks were processed and directly deposited in its account.

Over the years this simple, effective solution has become an essential cash management service used by many large corporations.  In 1998 inSource moved the concept "outside the box," introducing it to the small-business market sector.

Our customized services now provide smaller businesses with the same benefits as larger companies.  We've designed our payment processing to meet the specific needs of entrepreneurs and small and mid-sized businesses, across industries and service sectors.

Like payroll services, the ability to outsource payment processing with confidence is critical for businesses looking for ways to save time and money.

With experience and care, we take pride in providing our clients with services that produce measurable results.