The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it's the same problem you had last year.
- John Foster Dulles

Our ACH (Automated Clearing House) services provide businesses and organizations the ability to offer their customers direct debit as a payment option.  This service enables our clients to establish, with authorization, an electronic debit to their customer's checking or savings account on a pre-determined day for a pre-determined amount.  ACH can be used to collect payments and make payments.

Using ACH to collect payments:

  • Speeds up cash inflows
  • Reduces bank fees
  • Provides predictable cash flow
  • Eliminates the handling and potential loss of checks
  • Reduces security issues
  • Provides an overall savings of time and money

inSource will develop and maintain a database for clients who collect or make payments electronically using ACH.  Recurring and one-time transactions can be processed for pre-determined dates with full transaction reporting back to the client. 

Businesses that benefit from direct debit via ACH include:

  • Community Associations for assessment fees
  • Property Management Companies for tenant and lease payments
  • Insurance Companies for premiums and installment payments
  • Collection Companies for installment payments
  • Leasing Companies for lease payments
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities for tuition and related fees
  • Internet Companies for service payments
  • Mortgage Holders for monthly and bi-weekly mortgage payments

Customized "authorization/sign-up" forms can be developed for clients along with information and collateral materials.

inSource is a member the Electronic Payment Network (EPN) and the National Automated Clearing House Accociation (NACHA).

EPN is a private-sector payment system and was the first Automated Clearing House (ACH) operator in the United States.  EPN was also the first operator to convert an entire Federal Reserve District to an all-electronic exchange.  Member participants include over 1400 financial institutions.

NACH provides marketing and education and establishes the rules, standards and procedures, which enable the exchange of electronic payments on a national basis.